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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4680

Date Request Received: 24/10/2018 11:13:09

Date Request Replied To: 31/10/2018 09:18:59

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Request Summary: Nurse contracted hours

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
I am writing to request information related to Nurse contracted hours and Bank usage held by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust under the above Act. I would like the Trust to provide me with the following information:

The contract hours balance at the end of the fiscal year for the past 6 years
Answer To Question 1:
There is no retrieval base via the system for a 6 year period of contracted hours balance for all staff across the Trust, it can be retrieved on an individual by individual case. All individual information has been retained since the introduction of the Allocate e-roster system but it is dependent upon when a particular department was implemented and when an individual commenced on e-roster.
Obtaining a 6 year history on an individual is complex and time consuming and this can only be done by a senior systems administrator at cost to other work. Contracted hours balance tracking is not applicable to bank workers who do not have set agreed hours of working.
Question Number 2:
The total number of times individual contract time balance has been changed to zero in the past 6 years
Answer To Question 2:
This can only be done on an individual basis and not a trust wide due to the complexity of the requirement. There is no report to identify if contract times were amended whether individual or Trust wide. This can only be undertaken by reviewing an individual’s time balance through every roster of the relevant time period. Any changes back to zero are only ever undertaken on an individual basis and with full consultation between the staff member and ward leader /DSN. Again, this is not applicable to bank workers
Question Number 3:
The number of temporary staffing shifts worked by staff that owed the Trust 11.5 hours or more of contract time in the past 6 years
Answer To Question 3:
This depth of reporting is not available via the system. However, it is policy that Ward leaders/Roster Managers are encouraged to use hours owing first for substantive staff before giving bank shifts. The following is taken from the E-roster policy (available on the Trust website), Appendix D (Roster Production), Section 7, Bullet point 7.
If substantive staff are undertaking extra work via the bank, consideration should be given to any unused hours within the roster first before bank hours are attached. Any shifts that remain unallocated but are required should be given to the temporary staffing office to be made available to bank/locum staff
Question Number 4:
The method the Trust uses to store and retrieve historical (up to 6 years) planned shifts and actual worked shifts
Answer To Question 4:
The E-roster system is used to store and retrieve all historical data for wards and individuals since its implementation . Monthly reports of planned and actual worked shifts are reported on the Trust website and can be tracked back to May 2014 . These are on an inpatient ward by ward basis.
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