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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4718

Date Request Received: 16/11/2018 08:47:01

Date Request Replied To: 17/12/2018 11:09:46

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Request Summary: Agency staff

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
Please can you outline your agency spend into each 52 weeks or 12 months for the year 2018 (I understand the year has not finished yet so up to OCTOBER 2018) would be sufficient.
Answer To Question 1:
The Trust works in Financial Years. The information provided is for the first 8 months of 2018-19 from 1 April 2018.
Month Agency
1 301
2 346
3 351
4 476
5 364
6 337
7 406
8 356
Total 2937
Question Number 2:
How many agencies did your trust use in the year of 2018?
Answer To Question 2:
For nursing 13 agencies were used
Question Number 3:
How much was spent on agency nurses in 2018?
Answer To Question 3:
The amount spent in 2017-18 on agency registered nurses and HCA's was £3,871k
Question Number 4:
On December 25th 2017, how many shifts went nursing shifts went unfilled?
Answer To Question 4:
45 unfilled shifts for the 24hour period - this includes RNs and NAs
Question Number 5:
What is the highest hourly rate paid to a locum agency in 2018 and what what band was this nurse i.e band 5 general.
Answer To Question 5:
The Trust doesn't hold this information.
Question Number 6:
Please list the names of agencies that we used in year 2018 and list the total amount of spend for each used.
Answer To Question 6:
Please see attached spreadsheet for 2017-18. FOI 4718.xlsx
Question Number 7:
What is the total number of different nurse locums did the trust use in 2018.
Answer To Question 7:
Zero - nursing locums not used.
Question Number 8:
What was the highest hourly rate paid to an agency for a nurse in 2018 - Please state what agency this was and what band they were.
Answer To Question 8:
The Trust doesn't hold this information.
Question Number 9:
Of all agencies used, were any off framework? If so, what are the agencies called?
Answer To Question 9:
Yes - Thornbury
Question Number 10:
Who is the head of procurement at your Trust who approves agency use?
Answer To Question 10:
The Head of Procurement doesn't approve agency use
Question Number 11:
Who approves above-cap and/or off-framework usage?
Answer To Question 11:
For nursing above cap and off framework is approved by the Deputy Director of Nursing or Director of Nursing in-hours and the Executive On-Call out-of-hours.
Question Number 12:
Who are your tier 1 and tier 2 agencies?
Answer To Question 12:
Tier 1: TFS, TNA Medical, Day Webster, Your World, Cromwell, ID Medical, Genepool, NC Health Care and Medical Staffing
Tier 2 are the same as Tier 1.
Please see attachments:
FOI 4718.xlsx
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