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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4722

Date Request Received: 19/11/2018 09:10:52

Date Request Replied To: 20/12/2018 09:24:46

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Request Summary: Direct engagment scheme

Request Category: Health

Question Number 1:
Has your organisation used a Direct Engagement scheme?
Answer To Question 1:
Question Number 2:
If so, who provides/provided it? And when did you start using it? (please answer over all periods and include any agreements not yet started within the scope stating that it has not yet started).
Answer To Question 2:
Brookson Medical Services
Question Number 3:
Did you take external legal advice from a regulated legal professional before entering into it and, if so, from whom did you take external legal advice? (by external we mean a third party not including the scheme operator themselves).
Answer To Question 3:
No external legal advice taken.
Question Number 4:
What has your total locum/temporary staffing spend since you started using the most recent scheme? (if one has not yet started please answer for the previous one and explain that use of the new one has not commenced yet)
Answer To Question 4:
Total spend on the current scheme £647k.
Question Number 5:
Please disclose the adverts, sales literature, procurement discussion, and emails between the individual that handled the procurement form the trusts end with the framework and scheme operator relating to the procurement.
Answer To Question 5:
The individual who handled the Procurement was an Interim Procurement Manager who is no longer with this Trust. Therefore the Trust would require specific criteria as to what is required from this question to access, identify and share any relevant information from the correspondence that will have been generated by the individual.

Question Number 6:
As a result of the use of this scheme is VAT paid on the fee paid to locums you engage?
Answer To Question 6:
No - Vat is only paid on the agent's fees and commission
Question Number 7:
When conducting IR35 assessments, do you claim locums are subject to the trusts Supervision Direction & Control? If you have outsourced this function did you claim this before doing so?
Answer To Question 7:
Question Number 8:
How much has been paid to the third party direct engagement facilitator thus far?
Answer To Question 8:
This information is commercially sensitive
Question Number 9:
Was this payment calculated as a percentage of the total engagement fee for engagements going through the facilitator? If so, what percentage is this?
Answer To Question 9:
This is commercially sensitive
Question Number 10:
How many locums have you engaged outside of IR35 in the last year? (this will be available through the trust reporting mechanisms to NHS Improvement and frameworks will also keep track of this).
Answer To Question 10:
Question Number 11:
Was the procurement of the Direct Engagement provider handled in house or by a framework, if so which framework handled this? (Eg via HTE/TWS Lot 5) 12. Please describe on-boarding arrangements in detail. Is use of the scheme optional or are you demanding that people work through the scheme.
Answer To Question 11:
Procurement was handled in-house by an Interim Procurement Manager who engaged with CCS/Digital Market place. Prior to contract and on-boarding, market analysis in line with CCS G Cloud 9 to validate our decision to award to Brookson was undertaken. The on-boarding period was delayed while notice was served on our then incumbent. The on-boarding plan for this Call-Off Contract was that we as the customer provide quarterly locum agency and AHP’s and HSS’s agency spend data to the Supplier to enable the Supplier to provide advice as to how to increase usage of the portal and address any off framework spend. Trust Policy is that the applicable temporary workers should go through the Direct Engagement Model.

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