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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4869

Date Request Received: 05/02/2019 15:36:27

Date Request Replied To: 10/04/2019 10:38:15

This response was sent via: By Email

Request Summary: Asthma

Request Category: Health

Question Number 1:
How many

i) specialist Adult respiratory specialists (ie. on the specialist register) and

ii) how many paediatric respiratory specialist (ie on the specialist register) does your trust employ?
Answer To Question 1:
i) 3
ii) 0
Question Number 2:
How many

i) specialist Adult respiratory specialist nurses and

ii) how many paediatric respiratory specialist nurses does your trust employ?
Answer To Question 2:
i) general adult respiratory nurse specialists it is 3.7 WTE. Lung Cancer CNS 1.6 WTE. Smoking and Alcohol Liaison Nurse specialist 0.6 WTE.
ii) none

Question Number 3:
Does your trust provide a specialist asthma service? for

i) Adults and

ii) Children?
Answer To Question 3:
i) no
ii) no
Question Number 4:
If yes, are these

i) run by Respiratory specialist paediatricians / and

ii) adult physicians (ie on th specialist respiratory register?)

If yes, please provide the annual cost associated with running these services.
Answer To Question 4:
Question Number 5:
Please provide a figure for the total adult and Paediatric (Children and Young People 0-18) (CYP) population served by the trust
Answer To Question 5:
Question Number 6:
Please provide the number of emergency department and urgent care centre attendances (Child and CYP) related to “asthma” in each of the last 5 full financial years (up to 2017/18), broken down by financial year
Answer To Question 6:
Fiscal Year Total ED Attendances
2013-14 299
2014-15 361
2015-16 343
2016-17 325
2017-18 312
Question Number 7:
Please provide the number of admissions related to “asthma” for the same time periods
Answer To Question 7:
Fiscal Year Total Admissions
2013-14 4,560
2014-15 4,822
2015-16 5,176
2016-17 5,126
2017-18 5,446
Question Number 8:
What is the trust’s annual spend on Salbutamol inhalers and preventer asthma inhalers? Most recent figure is fine
Answer To Question 8:
Clarification was sought for this question, however none was received so we are unable to answer this question.
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