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Date Request Received: 04/03/2019 09:04:48

Date Request Replied To: 12/04/2019 12:51:10

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Request Summary: ECG monitoring carried out in the hospital setting

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
The following questions are in relation to ECG monitoring which is carried out only in the hospital setting.

How many tests in the following categories do you perform each year?
• 24hr Holter
• 48hr Holter
• 72hr Holter
• 7 day Holter
• 7 day event recorder
• Other please specify
Answer To Question 1:
24hr Holter - 2094
. 48hr Holter - 50
. 72hr Holter - 12
. 7 day Holter - 364
. 7 day event recorder - 260
. Other please specify
Question Number 2:
Which monitoring modality do you use for the following, specify make and model?
• 24hr Holter
• 48hr Holter
• 72hr Holter
• 7 day Holter
• 7 day event recorder
• Other please specify
Answer To Question 2:
24hr Holter - Lifecard CF Spacelabs LTD
. 48hr Holter - as above
. 72hr Holter - as above
. 7 day Holter - as above
. 7 day event recorder - Novacor R Test 4 Novacor LTD
. Other please specify
Question Number 3:
How many monitors do you have of each make/model?
Answer To Question 3:
21 x Lifecards 5 x Novacors
Question Number 4:
How much is the service contract for each modality per year?
Answer To Question 4:
We pay a fixed sum per year for a parts & telephone support contract for our entire patient monitoring portfolio and as such don’t hold the detail of the costs per modality for the service contract.
Question Number 5:
How many of these are in repair/lost?
Answer To Question 5:
Question Number 6:
What is the cost of repair if the device is not under a service contract?
Answer To Question 6:
Repairs are carried out in house with telephone support from the supplier
Question Number 7:
What was the price paid per unit for each of the monitoring modalities above?
Answer To Question 7:
This information is considered to be commercially sensitive, as such we apply exemption 43. Please see attached Refusal Notice.
Question Number 8:
How much was the analysis software package (if purchased)?
Answer To Question 8:
Question Number 9:
What is the cost of the service contract on the analysis software?
Answer To Question 9:
As question 4, this forms part of a larger contract
Question Number 10:
What is your annual spend on consumables for monitoring?
• Batteries
• Electrodes
• Alcohol wipes
• Razors
• Cleaning materials for monitors
• Replacement leads
Answer To Question 10:
We do not hold this level of detail of spend.
Question Number 11:
What is the average salary band of staff analysing ambulatory ECG monitor data?
Answer To Question 11:
We would use a Band 5 or a Band 6 at present.
Question Number 12:
How many of the staff employed to analyse ambulatory ECG data are working through a locum agency?
Answer To Question 12:
Question Number 13:
What is the current waiting time from referral to monitor fitting? Please specify if waiting times vary for each modality.
Answer To Question 13:
24hr/48hr/72hr Holter – 28 days 7 day Holter – 5 months Event Recorders – 2 months

Question Number 14:
What is the current waiting time from monitor return to result availability? Please specify if waiting times vary for each modality.
Answer To Question 14:
At present 14 weeks for 24hr/48hr/72hr and 7 day Holter. 4 weeks for Novacor. We do have a locum on this now so the waiting time will reduce.

Question Number 15:
How many ambulatory monitoring patients require hospital transport per year?
• Is transport also used to return the monitor?
• What is the average cost per return?
Answer To Question 15:
It is very rare that patients require this, less than 3% of patients require hospital transport.
No, transport is not also used to return the monitor.
We are unable to calculate how much it costs per journey
Question Number 16:
Does the patient also need to be transported back to hospital for removal?
Answer To Question 16:
Question Number 17:
What is the annual cost of transport services for ambulatory monitoring patients?
Answer To Question 17:
We are unable to isolate the costs for transport services for ambulatory monitoring patients
Question Number 18:
Is outpatient monitoring capacity limited by inpatient demand for monitoring?
Answer To Question 18:
Question Number 19:
Are you meeting monitoring demand for?
• Routine monitoring referrals
• Urgent monitoring referrals
Answer To Question 19:
. Routine monitoring referrals - To both urgent and routine monitor fitting – Yes.
. Urgent monitoring referrals - Urgents are analysed asap, 14 week wait for analysis on routine.
Question Number 20:
If not, what was your annual spend on breaching fines in the last financial year?
Answer To Question 20:
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