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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4949

Date Request Received: 13/03/2019 11:51:07

Date Request Replied To: 27/03/2019 09:07:37

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Request Summary: A&E attendance for babies, and protocol in cases of suspected abuse

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
Please provide the information requested below for the last 5 years (2018/2017/2016/2015/2014)

How many babies from 0 to 6 months of age entered A&E with an unknown medical status?
Answer To Question 1:
There isn't a field in our system that records an unknown medical status, therefore we have looked for all records where there is no primary diagnosis. For the patient cohort in question there were less than 5 patients per year in the given time period, therefore we are unable to provide the exact number of patients.
Question Number 2:
How many of them, after the proper exams or the medical test (x-rays or scanners), the medical staff discovers that the child has significant and numerous fractures, bruises or broken bones in their body, which are the result of non-accidental injuries and abuse by parents?
Answer To Question 2:
Detailed data not held at this time, we currently have information about referrals for any safeguarding/child protection cases going back to April 2018.
Question Number 3:
In how many of these cases the parents are arrested and placed in police custody accused of abuse of their child?
And how many of these children have been sent to foster care?
Answer To Question 3:
Police would hold that information as sometimes the arrests are made outside the hospital and this data is not held by us. This information is not collected, as our priority, together with our colleagues from police and children's social care is to ensure a safe discharge and this is sometimes to extended family members, not just foster care.
Question Number 4:
If possible, I want to obtain a copy of the hospital's procedure model in cases where the parents are suspected of abuse.
Answer To Question 4:

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