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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4974

Date Request Received: 29/03/2019 08:54:49

Date Request Replied To: 29/04/2019 08:59:18

This response was sent via: By Email

Request Summary: Allegations of abuse

Request Category: Media

Question Number 1:
The name of your trust
Answer To Question 1:
Please see attached document.FOI 4974 - complete.pdf
Question Number 2:
For each of the last five calendar years, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, please state the number of allegations AGAINST a staff member of:

- Sexual misconduct
- Sexual harassment
- Sexual assault
- Rape
Answer To Question 2:
Please see attached document.
Question Number 3:
For each of the allegations received, please state:

- Whether the alleged victim was a member of the public, patient or health worker
- If health worker, whether they were staff, bank or agency
- Brief details of allegations
- Outcome of case (i.e. international investigation, staff members disciplined, sacked)
- Whether allegations was referred to police
- In each case found to be proved, whether trust reported concerns about individual to the Healthcare Professional Alert Notices System (HPANs)?
Answer To Question 3:
Please see attached document.
Question Number 4:
Please specify the Trust’s policy for alerting relevant authorities/future employers about UNREGISTERED/UNQUALIFIED staff (e.g. nursing assistant or healthcare assistant) who are proven (by internal investigation) to have committed acts pertaining to sexual misconduct/sexual harassment/sexual assault/rape
Answer To Question 4:
As the staff are unregistered there is no professional body to alert.
We would involve the police, if they were not already aware (they usually call us as soon as they realise where the member of staff works)
We would review the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check if there was one and in either event we would complete the DBS notification process.
We would consider internal processes if appropriate and ensure that references were agreed and only sent from HR

Please see attachments:
FOI 4974 - complete.docx
FOI 4974 - complete.pdf
FOI 4974 - completed Q1-3.docx
FOI 4974.docx
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