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Internal Reference Number: FOI_5223

Date Request Received: 08/08/2019 13:13:55

Date Request Replied To: 05/09/2019 08:11:29

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Request Summary: Sodium Hyaluronate eye drop formulations

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
How much did your organisation spend on Sodium Hyaluronate eye drop formulations between the period of 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018?
Answer To Question 1:
Question Number 2:
Between the period 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018, which brand(s) of Sodium Hyaluronate eye drop formulations did you use?
To make your research easier, I have listed all commonly used brands which you can cross reference:

• Blink Intensive Tears
• Lacrifresh
• Artelac Rebalance
• Oxyal
• Xailin HA
• Optive Fusion
• Hyabak
• Hydramed
• Evolve HA
• Vismed Multi
• Clinitas Multi
• Eye Logic
• Euphrasia
• Biotrue
• Vismed Gel Multi
• Hysoothe
• Optrex Night Restore Gel
• Hy-Opti
• Hylo-Tear
• Murine Professional
• Hylo-Forte
• Hycosan Fresh
• Hylo Care
• Hycosan
Answer To Question 2:
Brands used at Salisbury over this time period.

. Hyabak

. Hylo-Tear

. Hylo-Forte
Question Number 3:
How many units of each brand did you use?
Answer To Question 3:
Hyabak - 3 packs
Hylo-Tear - 130 packs
Murine Professional
Hylo-Forte – 153 packs

Nil else
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