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Internal Reference Number: FOI_5305

Date Request Received: 20/09/2019 14:15:17

Date Request Replied To: 16/10/2019 09:43:29

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Request Summary: Overseas Patients Maternity Fees

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
In relation to 2018/19 how many Overseas Patients Not Eligible for Free UK Healthcare were treated in the maternity department of your Trust?
Answer To Question 1:
Question Number 2:
How many of these patients (Overseas Patients Not Eligible for Free UK Healthcare who were treated in the maternity department of your Trust during 2018/19) have received an invoice from the Trust for the value of the care they received.
Answer To Question 2:
Question Number 3:
If the answer to Question 1 is greater than the answer to Question 2 could you please state why not all these patients were sent an invoice for their care.
Answer To Question 3:
Not applicable
Question Number 4:
In relation to the patients who received a bill, what is the total value of all those invoices?
Answer To Question 4:
Question Number 5:
How many of the invoices sent to patients in Question 2 have not been paid and what is the total value of these as yet unpaid bills?
Answer To Question 5:
1 outstanding as patient is paying in instalments
Outstanding amount is £13k on 31/8/19
Question Number 6:
In relation to these unpaid bills what is the single biggest outstanding amount?
Answer To Question 6:
Question Number 7:
What is the total amount of invoices for care of any description at your hospital that were written off in the 2018/19 financial year, but which were incurred at anytime in the past.
Answer To Question 7:
Private patients £2k
Overseas £38k
Prescriptions £4k
Delayed Transfers of Care £49k
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