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Internal Reference Number: FOI_5458

Date Request Received: 03/01/2020 10:19:35

Date Request Replied To: 13/01/2020 14:38:19

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Request Summary: Aseptic unit/department

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
How much does your aseptic unit cost to run annually?
Answer To Question 1:
£496,203 p.a (2018 costs)
Question Number 2:
How big is your aseptic unit in terms of square feet?
Answer To Question 2:
Question Number 3:
How many aseptically prepared products do you produce annually including what type? Examples include HPN, chemotherapy drugs etc.
Answer To Question 3:
2018/19 workload figures
850 Parenteral nutrition bags
6625 chemotherapy items
2250 IV additive (non-cytotoxic) items (CIVAs)
Question Number 4:
How much does each aseptically prepared product cost to produce?
Answer To Question 4:
It has been agreed with the requestor that gathering this information would exceed the time/cost limit set out by the FOI act 2000, therefore the answer is not provided.
Question Number 5:
What types of aseptically prepared products do you produce?
Answer To Question 5:
Please see answer to question 4
Question Number 6:
In the aseptic compounding process, what type of consumable products do you consume daily? Examples include IPA sprays, gloves etc.
Answer To Question 6:
Please see answer to question 4
Question Number 7:
How many members of staff do you employ within your aseptic department?
Answer To Question 7:
9.7 wte staff
Question Number 8:
How many clean rooms do you have in your aseptic department?
Answer To Question 8:
Question Number 9:
What type of clean rooms do you currently employ within your aseptic department in terms of ISO classification?
Answer To Question 9:
Our clean rooms are EU GMP Grade C & Grade D unfortunately do not have access to the ISO classification.
Question Number 10:
How many isolater cabinets do you have in your aseptic department? What type of isolaters are these and how often do they require maintenance?
Answer To Question 10:
Annual maintenance for all isolators
We have 5 isolators as attached and 2 micro- isolators for emergency use
FOI 5458 - Table of isolators.docx
Question Number 11:
Do you outsource aseptic compounding activity to the private sector and how much of this is done?
Answer To Question 11:
Yes approx. 10% of our chemotherapy is outsourced (approx. 700 items per year)
Question Number 12:
How much does the aseptic department spend annually on raw materials that constitute each aseptically prepared product?
Answer To Question 12:
Please see answer to question 4
Question Number 13:
What contingency plans are in place should the aseptic department temporarily shutdown for reasons such as maintenance or repairs that last longer than 5 days?
Answer To Question 13:
Robust business continuity plans are in place which allows for emergency supplies to be obtained from outsourcing companies and local manufacturing units.
We will also look to set up the micro-isolators in another area of pharmacy
Question Number 14:
Where will aseptic preparation take place during a shut down period lasting longer than 5 days?
Answer To Question 14:
As for question 13
Question Number 15:
What is the current aseptic manufacturing capacity?
Answer To Question 15:
For October 2019 we had 3 days over 70% capacity and 20 days under 70% capacity. The 3 days over 70% did not reach the 80% milestone.
Question Number 16:
What is your current demand for aseptically prepared products ie. average number of doses requested per day?
Answer To Question 16:
Approx. 22 chemotherapy items per day (Oct 2019)
Question Number 17:
What is their forecasted demand over the next 3 years in aseptically prepared products?
Answer To Question 17:
Expected growth is between 5-7% annually over the next 3 years for chemotherapy
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