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Internal Reference Number: FOI_5778

Date Request Received: 07/08/2020 15:32:41

Date Request Replied To: 21/08/2020 15:22:14

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Request Summary: software FOI

Request Category: Health

Question Number 1:
What types of services are covered by your organisation? For example acute/community/multiple sites.
Answer To Question 1:
Acute, peripatetic services and multiple sites.
Question Number 2:
Does your organisation have a central information function?
Answer To Question 2:
Question Number 3:
If yes please provide an organisational chart for the function. Please include job titles, number of whole time equivalents and AfC bands.
Answer To Question 3:
Please refer to attached organisational chart.FOI Business Intelligene Organsiatonal Chart.pdf
Question Number 4:
Please list the core objectives of the function.
Answer To Question 4:
The core objectives of the service are to:

• provide good quality information, advice and support, ensuring we provide transparent and insightful data
• enable the Trust in making more cost efficient decisions, supporting CIPs, QIPs and transformation projects
• become an analytically driven service, working in collaboration with the key Trust stakeholders, empowering customers to understand the value of information
Question Number 5:
How many hospital systems does the organisation utilise, and which systems does the information function provide reporting from? (For example PAS, Radiology etc.)
Answer To Question 5:
The Trust utilises 550 + Systems. These include EPR, Maternity, Audiology, Radiology, Pharmacy, E-Whiteboards, Theatres and a host of legacy in-house systems.
Question Number 6:
Does the function have a regular training plan to support personal development and what kind of training does this cover? (For example in-house/External/SQL/SPSS etc.)
Answer To Question 6:
Yes. This consists of both Internal & External Training. Areas covered include SQL, Statistical Analysis, Reporting Tools and Mentoring.
Question Number 7:
Does the function offer a 7 day service and if so is this contracted? (For example to allow mandates such as the daily sitrep/discharge sitrep to be completed at a weekend.)
Answer To Question 7:
No. However, when necessary the SITREP is covered at weekends by members of the Information Team
Question Number 8:
Does your organisation have an EPR, if so which one?
Answer To Question 8:
Question Number 9:
Does your organisation have a desk top reporting solution and if so what is it and how long has it been in place? If you don’t have one, what software is used to provide organisational reports?
Answer To Question 9:
The Trust has a mixture of In-House Developed Web Based Reporting Tool, Excel & SSRS.
Question Number 10:
Do you have a data ware house and if so how long has it been in place, was it a bought-in solution or was it developed in-house? If it was a bought-in solution, which solution is it?
Answer To Question 10:
Yes. In-house developed solution in place for 10+ years.
Question Number 11:
If yes, do you have staff dedicated to the data warehouse and are they part of the information function or do they sit elsewhere? If elsewhere (and not covered in the organisational chart in Q2) please provide job titles, number of WTEs and staff bands.
Answer To Question 11:
The team sit within the Business Intelligence Team within Informatics.
Question Number 12:
Does your organisation have staff providing information reports who sit outside of the central information function? If so, please explain the kind of areas they sit (e.g. HR, Cardiology, Critical Care) and the reason they are not within the central function.
Answer To Question 12:
Yes, for example Cancer and HR, etc.
Please see attachments:
FOI Business Intelligene Organsiatonal Chart.pdf
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