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Internal Reference Number: FOI_5811

Date Request Received: 01/09/2020 09:27:16

Date Request Replied To: 29/09/2020 10:11:10

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Request Summary: Hospital acquired Covid-19 infections

Request Category: Media

Question Number 1:
Have records of Covid-19 infections in patients which were hospital acquired been kept? If so:
a) How many Covid-19 infections in patients were hospital acquired?
b) Of those who acquired Covid-19 while in hospital, how many died?
c) What was the total number of Covid-19 deaths in hospital?
Answer To Question 1:
a) Since the introduction of the PHE national definitions for hospital acquired COVID-19 on 14th May 2020 our records show
Hospital Onset/Probable Healthcare associated first positive specimen date 8-14 days after admission to the Trust 1 case
Hospital Onset/Definite Healthcare associated 15 days or more after admission, we have had no (zero) cases
b) The number of patients that have died as a result of acquiring Covid 19 in hospital is zero cases
c) The total number of Covid-19 positive deaths in hospital (as of 07/09/20) is 56
Question Number 2:
Have records been kept of members of staff who contracted Covid-19? If so:
a) How many members of staff contracted Covid-19?
b) How many members of staff were absent from work due to Covid-19?
c) How many members of staff died due to Covid-19?
Answer To Question 2:
A)There has been 64 positive staff swabs since March 2020, however it is important to note this may have been contracted through interactions outside of work .
B) 529 staff have been absent from work, the majority due to suspected covid 19 and isolating until we have swab results or as per PHE guidance rather than confirmed covid 19
C) No staff have died due to Covid 19 is zero
Question Number 3:
What is the total number of Covid-19 infections recorded in hospital?
Answer To Question 3:
The total number of positive Covid-19 infections recorded in hospital (as of 21/09/20) is 1,635.
Question Number 4:
What is the procedure for when a patient is diagnosed with Covid-19 outside a Covid-19 ward?
a) Has this procedure remained the same throughout the time period set out above?
Answer To Question 4:
a) If a patient is identified as COVID-19 positive then specific isolation precautions would be undertaken as per Trust policy which include any review of potential contacts. If a high suspicion of COVID-19 existed on admission the patient would have already been isolated into a side room.Patient placement is considered in light of Trust policy and guidance which follows all national guidance during the pandemic and will change as the national guidance is updated.
Question Number 5:
What is the procedure for when a member of staff is diagnosed with Covid-19?
a) Has this procedure remained the same throughout the time period set out above?
Answer To Question 5:
If a member of staff is diagnosed with a positive covid swab, the Occupational Health department carries out an in depth assessment of the symptom level to ensure they have adequate medical support. The staff member is advised to self isolate. This was initially 7 days but changed to 10 days when the government updated it’s guidance.
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