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Internal Reference Number: FOI_6017

Date Request Received: 28/01/2021 11:16:43

Date Request Replied To: 17/03/2021 15:11:52

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Request Summary: Spending of Fatigue and Facilities Charter Funding

Request Category: Health

Question Number 1:
In 2019 BMA and NHS England (NHSE) reached an agreement for funds to be allocated to trusts providing they signed up to the Fatigue and Facilities Charter. Up to £60,000 was allocated to individual trusts, with spending to be determined by the Trust Junior Doctor Forums.

The BMA are now in the process of auditing how this money has been spent and are asking all Trusts who received the money to provide details of how it has been spent or is planning to be spent if there is still money remaining.

Please could you provide us with the information below
1. Funding
a) Total Funds Given to Trust
b) Total Funds Spent so far
c) Total Funds Unspent so far
d) Total Funds Unspent but allocated to project/items
Answer To Question 1:

• What was requested against the money:

£60k was awarded to provide dedicated staff room facilities and rest area for the junior docs.

• What has been delivered:

Dedicated Staff room facilities have been created in Level 5 for the Junior docs
Furnishings for the new staff room have been purchased and delivered.

We still need to provide the rest room facilities in the former day room on Laverstock ward.
Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we have not been able to secure this room but we are still hoping this will be able to be used at a later date.
Recliners for the rest room have been purchased and to date have not been in use due to having no area to use them.

• What is the delivery cost:

To date we have spent:

Furnishings and fittings: £16,443
Building Works to create staff room: £22,647
Total: £39,090

• Money left over:

Balance remaining: £20,910

Work left to do:

Update the Laverstock room to create the rest room facility
Refit catering kitchen L5 with storage (result of taking space from the catering kitchen to create the staff room)
Question Number 2:
What was your process for allocation of funds?
a. Was the Junior Doctors Forum fully involved in the decision making?
b. Was the Local Negotiating Committee involved in any decision making?
c. Were any BMA representatives involved in the decision making?
d. Who had final say in what was spent/allocated on?
Answer To Question 2:
a. yes
b. no
c. yes
d. the junior doctor's forum decided on what the money was spent on.
Question Number 3:
If you have spent all the funding, when was this achieved (month and year if possible)?
Answer To Question 3:
Question Number 4:
What are the plans for any unused funding at the end of this financial year?
a. How much longer is needed to allow for spending the remaining money?
b. Under which budget are the funds currently held?
Answer To Question 4:
See response to Q1 - will be spent when pandemic allows
Question Number 5:
Were there barriers to spending/allocating the money?
Answer To Question 5:
Covid 19 has caused difficulties in completing the project.
Question Number 6:
Please provide a breakdown on what items/areas the money has been spent/allocated on so far (proforma attached can be used if easier)
Answer To Question 6:
see response to Q1FOI 6017 Q6 Answer table.docx
Please see attachments:
FOI 6017 Q6 Answer table.docx
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