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Seminar and Training rooms

Lecture Theatre

The Lecture Theatre has a tiered layout with the capacity of 141. The Lecture Theatre benefits from a large foyer, which can be used for welcoming delegates and serving teas and coffees on arrival.

Facilities include: multiple projection facility, flexi view and air conditioning.

Also available on request: live link up with Theatres.

Cost: £135 for a half day (3 - 5 hours)
£270 for a full day



Simulation Centre (previously known as 'Room B' and 'the Clinical Skills Lab')

The Simulation Centre is run by a Simulation Manager and Simulation Technician who are responsible for the day to day running of the service and can offer advice and support to all staff wishing to use the facilities. The team are equipped to facilitate all aspects of simulation based education and offer a variety of courses which are held in the centre or at the point of care (insitu).

The facilities boast a fully equipped simulation suite with AV (SMOTS) technology, a wealth of manikins, part task trainers and much more!

Simulation is a technique for practice and learning that can be applied in healthcare to many different professions, disciplines, and levels of training. It facilitates learning through immersion, reflection, feedback, and practice, enhancing individual and team performance but minus the risks inherent in a similar real-life situation. It can also be used to discover latent threats and influence the ability to design and implement changes to work environments to reduce risk.

There may be a cost involved with the use of the Sim Centre, please email Claire Brattle (Simulation Manager) or Colin Kuberka (Simulation Technician), or call ext 5839 for more information.




Room C

Room C is great for larger meetings with the capacity of 20 (around the table). This room has a large wall mounted screen and a ceiling mounted projector. This room also has 6 working computers.

Cost: £85 for a half day (3 - 5 hours)
£170 for a full day



Room D

Room D has a capacity of 15 (around the table), and has a projector, floor standing screen, laptop and flipchart.

Cost: £85 for a half day (3 - 5 hours)
£170 for a full day



Room E

Room E; is used for MDT meetings. It has capacity for 12 in a horseshoe layout. The room has two ceiling mounted projectors, two PACS machines and 1 microscope. A laptop is also available.

Cost: £40.00 an hour
£85 for a half day (3 - 5 hours)
£170 for a full day



Rooms 3 & 4

Rooms 3 and 4. This is actually one large room that has been expanded from two small rooms. It has the capacity of 16 (around a table) with 14 chairs in rows at the side and back. This room also has ceiling mounted dual projection, a desktop PC, Microscope, video conferencing facility and flexi view.

Cost: £85 for a half day (3 - 5 hours)
£170 for a full day

If you wish to use the video conferencing system, you will be charged seminar room rates and the cost of the call.


Room 2

Room 2 has the capacity for 12 (around a table), and has TV laptop and a flipchart.

Cost: £40.00 for an hour
£85 for a half day (3 - 5 hours)
£170 for a full day.


Additional Information:

Please be aware that all bookings made by external customers will be charged. Fees will also apply to internal customers if they have sponsors and/or charge delegates to attend.

When you request a room we need the following information, this will help us provide you with the best room for your needs:

  • Number of people attending
  • Room layout
  • Equipment needed
  • Dates
  • Start and end time
  • Title of the event
  • Audience i.e, Consultants, Managers, Nurses

Please ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before booking any event.


Both internal and external customers will be charged for photocopying.
Black copies: 10p per side
Colour copies: 40p per side

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