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Internal Reference Number: FOI_6781

Date Request Received: 15/09/2022 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 12/10/2022 00:00:00

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Request Summary: Bank and Agency staff

Request Category: Health

Question Number 1:
Are Bank colleagues paid top of band for bank working or does bank pay fall in-line with Agenda for change guidelines i.e. at band point pay? (If this varies between specialisms please give detail about variation)
Answer To Question 1:
Bank colleagues are paid in line with AfC
Question Number 2:
Are bank colleagues engaged on employee contracts or worker agreements?
Answer To Question 2:
Bank workers contracts
Question Number 3:
Are there any monetary incentivisation or reward schemes in operation for Bank colleagues that aim to tackle staffing shortages?
Answer To Question 3:
Question Number 4:
Please give detail of the above scheme/s by answering the following points;

How much is offered per shift?

How are payments distributed and authorised within the trust?

Does the scheme/s have any eligibility criteria?

Is the scheme/s operational all year round or do you only offer incentivisation/reward at times of great need i.e. winter pressures?

Is this a formal scheme or it is at the discretion of senior management to offer incentivisation as required?
Answer To Question 4:
Allocation on Arrival scheme, with £5 enhancement to basic rate: and generic daily rate based on Saturday enhancement rate for Monday to Friday, applied to registered and health care assistants including maternity: authorisation by line managers and data forwarded to payroll for processing. Scheme restricted and reviewed depending on need. Primary length was 3 months.
Formal authorisation process in place with eligibility and Key performance indicators for activation of incentives, all require Executive approval
Question Number 5:
How many shifts in the financial years 19/20, 20/21, 21/22 received monetary reward/incentivisation?
Answer To Question 5:
No data available
Question Number 6:
How much did the trust spend on incentivisation/reward in the above years?
Answer To Question 6:
2019/20 - £54k
2020/21 - £277k
2021/22 - £1,025k
Question Number 7:
Are there any non-monetary incentivisation/reward schemes in operation in the trust for bank working that aim to increase staffing levels at times of need?
Answer To Question 7:
Question Number 8:
If answered yes to the above please give detail of the scheme?
Answer To Question 8:
Not applicable
Question Number 9:
Have the monetary and/or non-monetary schemes positively impacted bank fill rates during times of use? (Please provide data to support)
Answer To Question 9:
No clear evidence available
Question Number 10:
Do you operate weekly, monthly or other (please state) pay schedules for bank colleagues?
Answer To Question 10:
Question Number 11:
Please provide data, by month, for the amount of bank, agency and unfilled shifts during financial years 19/20, 20/21, 21/22 for the below specialisms;

Registered Nursing

Healthcare Assistants

Medical & Dental

Allied Health Professionals

Healthcare Support

Administration & Clerical
Answer To Question 11:
Data unavailable for any meaningful comparison due to bed reconfiguration, demands etc.
Question Number 12:
Please provide spend information, by month, for bank and agency for financial years 19/20, 20/21, 21/22 for the below specialisms;

Registered Nursing

Healthcare Assistants

Medical & Dental

Allied Health Professionals

Healthcare Support

Administration & Clerical
Answer To Question 12:
The information held by the Trust is contained on the attached spreadsheet

To accompany this answer to question 12 please also see the documents listed below:

 FOI 6781.xlsx
Question Number 13:
Does the trust operate an agency tiering system in-line with NHSE agency cap guidelines, to include the 50% cap?
Answer To Question 13:
Question Number 14:
If answered yes to above please give brief detail as to how this operates?
Answer To Question 14:
Escalation process in 3 week then 24 hrs and less than 12 hr requirement for agency requests
Question Number 15:
Does the trust have a central team that manage temporary staffing or does the trust have a vendor arrangement or is this managed in another way (please give detail)?
Answer To Question 15:
Central Team
Question Number 16:
If answered yes to above, does this team include a clinical colleague who has line-management responsibilities over bank colleagues?
Answer To Question 16:
Temporary Staffing manager is professional registrant for bank only workers not dual staff with substantive contract.
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