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Internal Reference Number: FOI_6794

Date Request Received: 22/09/2022 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 04/10/2022 00:00:00

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Request Summary: Implantable Cardiac Devices

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
The following questions relate to the management of Implantable Cardiac Devices, and the data that these devices can produce. These devices can be classified into the following groups:
• Pacemakers (PPM)
• Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD’s)
• Cardiac Resynchronisation Devices (CRT-D’s or CRT-P)
• Implantable Loop Recorders (ILR’s)

How many Cardiac Device implant procedures did your trust perform over the last 12 months (Aug 21-Aug22)
Answer To Question 1:
Question Number 2:
How many Remote Cardiac Device Monitoring system due you use across the trust
Answer To Question 2:
Question Number 3:
How many Remote Cardiac device follow-ups were performed in your trust over the last 12 months (Aug21-Aug22)
Answer To Question 3:
10-15 scheduled per week; circa 40 alerts per day
Question Number 4:
Do you perform In-office clinics at multiple locations
Answer To Question 4:
Question Number 5:
How many In-office Cardiac Device follow-up clinics do you perform per week across all trust sites
Answer To Question 5:
Question Number 6:
How long are your appointment slots for In-Office cardiac device follow-up (mins)
Answer To Question 6:
30 minutes
Question Number 7:
How do you currently record and report Implantable Cardiac Device Follow-Up information
Answer To Question 7:
Within Philips CVIS (Tomcat)
Question Number 8:
Do you have an Electronic Database system for storing Cardiac Device data
Answer To Question 8:
Philips CVIS (Tomcat)
Question Number 9:
If yes to Q8, is the system currently in use, specifically designed for use with Cardiac Implantable Devices
Answer To Question 9:
Question Number 10:
How many Physiologists do you have actively involved in Cardiac Device Follow-up
Answer To Question 10:
Question Number 11:
If you do not currently use an Electronic Cardiac Devices Database system is this something that the trust would be interested in purchasing in the future
Answer To Question 11:
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