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Internal Reference Number: FOI_6995

Date Request Received: 27/01/2023 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 30/01/2023 00:00:00

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Request Summary: Contact Centre, CRM, and AI & Automation.

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
Contact Centre –

a. Do you have a customer/ citizen facing contact centre? If not please skip these questions.

b. Do you employ and manage your own agents, or do you outsource to a third party? If you outsource who to?

c. How many contact centre agents do you have?

d. Do agents work from home? Or just your offices?

e. Please confirm the manufacturer of your contact centre system(s) that are currently in place?

f. When is your contract renewal date?

g. Who maintains your contact centre system(s)?
Answer To Question 1:
No we do not have a comprehensive contact centre.
Question Number 2:

a. Do you use a CRM in the contact centre? What platform is used?

b. Do you use the same CRM for the rest of the organisation? What platform is used?

c. Do you use a knowledge base / knowledge management platform? What platform is used?

Answer To Question 2:
a) Netcall CRM
b) It is used by about 5 departments
c) nothing in particular. We have some systems that have part of this functionality.
Question Number 3:
AI & Automation

a. Does your organisation have a customer or citizen facing chatbot? If so, who provides this chatbot technology?

b. Does your organisation utilise RPA technology? If so which RPA technology provider do you use?
Answer To Question 3:
a) No.

b) We are beginning to roll out Blue Prism RPA
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