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Internal Reference Number: FOI_7004

Date Request Received: 06/02/2023 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 01/03/2023 00:00:00

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Request Summary: Pensions

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
I believe that Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust provide payroll and pension administration services for a number of organisations, as well as for their own employees. I am particularly interested in pension recycling and whether this is provided equitably to all employees. For the avoidance of confusing, please find here a definition of pension recycling, as provided by NHS Employers:
Paying unused employer contributions as additional salary (recycling contributions)
Where employees have opted out of the NHS Pension Scheme for tax reasons, employers may introduce a policy to pay any unused employer contributions as additional salary. This is often known as recycling contributions.

I. The names of each organisation or company for whom Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust provide payroll and/or pension administration services.

II. For each organisation, confirmation of whether pension recycling is permitted.

III. For each organisation where pension recycling is permitted, please provide the organisation’s recycling policy and or any instructions provided to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust regarding the application and administration of the policy.

IV. For each organisation where pension recycling is permitted, how many employees have taken up this offer since 01.01.2020.

V. Broken down by organisation, please provide the job title of each employee who has taken up the offer of pension recycling.

VI. Broken down by organisation, please provide the number of employees who have opted out of the NHS pension scheme in each year since 01.01.2020 for affordability reasons. Please provide the agenda for change band for each individual.

VII. For Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust only, please provide copies of any document or communication making employees aware of the pension recycling option. Please confirm whether this was provided to all staff or specific staff groups.
Answer To Question 1:
i) Although Salisbury NHS Foundation have a number of Payroll Clients, we can only respond on behalf of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. You will have to submit requests to the appropriate Trust directly to obtain their information.
ii) Yes a scheme exists
iii) See Pension Recycling Claim Scheme details attached.
iv) 9 Members
v) Consultant
vi) Numbers opting out:
1 Jan 20 to 31 Mar 20 11
1 Apr 20 to 31 Mar 21 23
1 Apr 21 to 31 Mar 22 13
1 Apr 22 to 31 Dec 22 62
vii) Please see document supplied in response to iii) above, which is available to all staff on the Trust's intranet

To accompany this answer to question 1 please also see the documents listed below:

 FOI 7004 Pension Recycling form.pdf
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