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Internal Reference Number: FOI_7200

Date Request Received: 24/05/2023 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 09/06/2023 00:00:00

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Request Summary: Patient Level Costing system (PLICS).

Request Category: Companies

Question Number 1:
Who is your current system supplier for your Patient Level Costing system?
Answer To Question 1:
Civica UK Ltd - Costmaster
Question Number 2:
When does that contract expire (not including optional extensions)?
Answer To Question 2:
Current Contract - Expiry July 23
New Contract already been renewed and will run until March 25

Question Number 3:
Is it a cloud-hosted or on-premises (hosted on trust servers) solution?
Answer To Question 3:
Current contract on Premises until July 23 and will move to cloud based via the new contract
Question Number 4:
If it is on-premises, do you have a dedicated costing server and how what is the estimated annual cost of this including IT support, resilience etc.
Answer To Question 4:
Costmaster is hosted on a dedicated virtual server however, that virtual server is hosted alongside many other virtual servers on a Physical server. Unfortunately we are unable to identify an annual cost of hosting the software.
Question Number 5:
Do you use the system to produce internal PLICS/SLR reporting as well as National Cost Collection?
Answer To Question 5:
Question Number 6:
What is the frequency of any internal PLICS/SLR reporting? e.g., Quarterly
Answer To Question 6:
We generally tried to do this either quarterly or bi-annually. However, we have not done this since 21-22, but hope to recommence in 23-24.
Question Number 7:
Does your PLICS system include in-built analytics and dashboarding tools? If so, are these your primary tool for analysing and presenting PLICS information?
Answer To Question 7:
Currently no, but we anticipate that the cloud based system will have this feature. If so we plan to use it.
Question Number 8:
Does your PLICS system require a third-party reporting/BI tool? If so, which one do you use
Answer To Question 8:
Currently yes. We have been using Microsoft Excel, but will move to using Power BI.
Question Number 9:
Does this tool incur an additional cost on top of the PLICS software. Is there a limit on additional users and/or do additional users incur additional licence costs?
Answer To Question 9:
No additional cost.
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