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Internal Reference Number: FOI_7201

Date Request Received: 24/05/2023 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 13/06/2023 00:00:00

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Request Summary: Patient Experience

Request Category: Researcher

Question Number 1:
Is there a specific system to measure outpatient experience in your trust?
Answer To Question 1:
Individual outpatient areas may use specialty specific surveys, focus groups or other methods to collect data on patient experience from time to time. The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is used in all areas as a Trust-wide measure of service user experience. The current system used to collate FFT data is limited in its insight and largely provides just quantitative data on overall experience rating. Recognising this gap in insight, the Trust has procured a digital tool that will be deployed later this year which has the capability of drawing themes and insights from the comments of the FFT surveys. This new platform will also increase accessibility for services users to provide their feedback as this also includes provision of digital methods of collection (online and via SMS messages for example). There will be a phased rollout of this digital platform later this year, beginning with the Emergency Department, followed by outpatient areas, and will then be extended to inpatient areas as part of the final rollout phase.
Question Number 2:
Does your trust use the NHS Patient Experience Framework themes to measure and record patient experience?
Answer To Question 2:
The Trust records by various means, analysis of complaint themes, real-time feedback surveys, satisfaction and response ratings from Friends and Family testing and as well experiences recorded through both local and national surveys. Action plans and mitigations for emerging themes form part of our internal governance processes and are reported on a quarterly basis through our patient experience reports. The Patient Experience Framework is utilised as guidance tool,

The Patient Experience Framework is an improvement tool that is not mandatory for use, but should be used as guidance. This will be integral with our new 3year patient engagement strategy, which is scheduled for publication in 2023.
Question Number 3:
Is there an easily accessible place for the public to review on your website your patient experience reports? (not just within published board papers)
Answer To Question 3:
No, currently the only place for the public to review our patient experience reports is when they are contained within our published board papers.
Question Number 4:
How are these outpatient experience reports used for continuous improvement within your trust?
Answer To Question 4:
As per answer to question 1. Robust insight into outpatient experience is currently limited by the existing capabilities of our Friends and Family Test method of data collection - however, this is currently being addressed.
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