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Mental Wellbeing during pregnancy

Being pregnant is a big life event and it is natural to feel some emotional changes during this period, especially due to the increased hormonal changes during pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women experience depression, anxiety, or other emotional difficulties during their pregnancy, regardless of background, age, race or life circumstances. For some women, these symptoms may not be severe and do not last very long. For others they become worse, which can make it difficult to enjoy their pregnancy. If you have experienced previous mental health problems, you may be at increased risk.

Signs and symptoms of emotional difficulties include:

  • feeling sad, a low mood, or tearful a lot of the time
  • feeling restless, worried, irritable, or getting angry easily
  • losing interest in other people and the world around you
  • lack of appetite or increased appetite (comfort eating)
  • negative thoughts, such as worrying you will not be able to look after your baby
  • feeling guilty, hopeless or blaming yourself for your problems
  • having problems concentrating or making decisions


It is essential that if you are feeling unwell, that you are given the right type of support as soon as possible, by speaking to your GP, midwife or health visitor. There are a range of different treatments and services available to help you.

Things you can try to help with your mental health:

  • Talk about how you are feeling with those closest to you, including your GP or midwife who are there to help and support you.
  • Keep active. Calming exercise such as yoga can help you relax
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Ask for help with things at home, such as chores
  • Be kind to yourself and try not to compare yourself to others
  • Do not use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to try and feel better – these can make you feel worse and affect your baby’s growth and wellbeing


Useful links for yourself:

Wiltshire IAPT- psychological support services in Wiltshire

Steps2Wellbeing - psychological support services in Dorset

iTalk - psychological support services in Hampshire

PANDAS Foundation

Maternal Mental Health Alliance


NCT – the national charity for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood

Healthier Together - Maternal Mental Health


Useful links for partners/family members:

Relate - relationship support

Fatherhood Institute

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